Final Office Action

A final office action is sent after a non-final office action in the US, if your response to the non-final objection didn't satisfy the examining attorney.

Usually you will have up to 6 months from the filing date to provide the examiner with your response or file the appeal. No extensions are available and if no response is filed, the trademark will go abandoned.

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How to fill out a Power of Attorney?

In some cases to file your trademark in a country we would require a Power of Attorney. In some countries the document is required in order to permit our local agent to represent you in Intellectual property matters. It might be required to file your trademark, respond to an objection, file an opposition or assign your trademark

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Can two Descriptive Words be Registered?

A word, which is merely descriptive of applied services or products, cannot be registered in the US, as well as in any other country of the world. This is a general rule. However, can 2 merely descriptive words be registered as a trademark?

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