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What is Brand Identity and How to Protect It?

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 It’s nice to have our own business ventures. Being our own bosses and actually working for ourselves is a dream goal for many. However, if you want to achieve more -and not be stuck with having your mom-and-pop store at the end of a cul-de-sac, then you need brand recognition. So what is the brand identity or brand image? That is how your target - and of course - the general audience recognizes and perceives you. That’s your face, the image people will have about your business when somebody mentions you or they happen to see your shops, products, or business ads. It is absolutely compulsory to find and cater to your target audience. You simply can not be a jack-of-all-trades. You cannot be the ambassador of renewable resources while pushing the sales of diesel off road vehicles. 

So what is included in brand identity apart from the perception of your venture?  The definition of brand identity includes the company name, logo, tagline, colour palette, typography, imagery, tone of voice, and brand personality. Protecting your brand identity is important because it helps maintain the consistency of your brand and prevents others from using your brand elements without permission.

Trademarks, copyrights, patents and design patents may protect your brand identity. Trademarks can cover the name of your brand, the design of your packaging or website can be protected by copyright and if you sell novel products, you can protect the inventions by patents or design patents. Protecting your brand identity is crucial as it will allow you to capitalize on your reputation.

We discuss in detail how you can use those tools in different articles in our blog.  

Stay vigilant and make sure your brand identity is safe

Let’s have a look at the different steps that you should take in order to register and protect your brand identity. Register your brand name, logo, and other brand elements as trademarks with the relevant authorities in your country. This will prevent others from using them without your permission and give you legal grounds to take action against infringers. 

You can easily find professional companies that offer specialised services for trademark registration (depending on the type of business, geo-location, and regulations, you might need a service provider that has experience in the relevant fields). Companies such as Bonamark can get all aspects of trademark registration covered during the whole process. Another general piece of advice when it comes to the topic of how to protect your brand identity is to always monitor your online presence. It will help you detect any unauthorized use of your brand elements or instances of brand misuse. Use online tools and services to track mentions of your brand across the internet and social media.

Always use professional services, and do not rely on your guts or the neighbour’s advice!

The whole definition of brand identity means your whole business, everything about it. Whatever you’ve worked hard for. All that time and money poured into it. You simply cannot risk it by relying on not-professional bits of advice. 

In case anything happens, always take legal action against infringers who use your brand elements without permission. Send cease and desist letters, file lawsuits, or take other legal actions as necessary to protect your brand identity. By taking these steps, you can protect your brand identity and maintain the consistency and integrity of your brand, which is essential for building trust with your customers and growing your business.

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