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What should I know about the trademark registration in the EU?

EU trademarks
When getting a trademark in the EU (European Union) there might be a lot of confusion. Do local offices maintain separate registers? How do they coexist with the EUIPO? We'll try to explain how trademarking in the EU works.

Bases for filing in the USA

Shield TMWhen filing your trademark in the USA, it is required to specify in the application a basis for filing. There two main bases - "Actual Use" and "Intent-to-use" basis.

How to register a trademark in the USA? [Specimens of Use examples]

Registrable Trademarks The process of trademark registration is not that easy, especially when it comes to the registration in the USA.

5 tips to get 100% out of your trademark

getting most of your trademark
You want your business to be successful and provide you with a living doing what you love. We at understand that getting a trademark is not the most important task you have and that you do not have time to go through all those legal books, articles and FAQ’s.

Copyright vs Trademark: What's the Difference? Pros & Cons?

copyright trademark differences

The difference is fairly simple when we talk about words. Trademarks cover separate words and sentences and copyright covers long texts. What can be copyrighted normally can’t be trademarked and vice versa. But this applies only to the word parts, when we come to protecting logos, everything is quite different.

A logo can be protected by copyright and trademark at the same time!

How to avoid the confusion and get an optimal protection for your trademark/logo?

How to Trademark a Phrase or Slogan? How Much Does it Cost?

How to Trademark a Phrase or Slogan

Here are the steps you should take if you're curious as to how a phrase can be trademarked. These steps are as applicable for someone who wants to trademark a phrase for a T-Shirt as they are for someone making a fitness or lifestyle brand, so don't worry about them not applying to you.

Why isn’t Amazon accepting my Brand Registry? [4 Reasons Why - 2018]

Amazon Brand Registry

What Amazon requires to accept your brand? In some cases you have everything in place: you registered your trademark, you have a website, you printed the name of your trademark on the packaging and products. What can go wrong?

How to write the ® R,™ TM, © C symbols.

what do you need to know about trademark renewal

So, you want to know more about these bad boys, ™ , ®, ©? You came to the right place! Go on reading!

3 Ways to Get a Registered Trademark

3 Ways to Get a Registered Trademark

Comprehensive manual to getting a trademark registered.

Unless you are an attorney, it’s very easy to get confused with all these terms “Classification of Nice”, “Basis for filing” and etc. But, do you really have to master these if all you want is ®?

Amazon Brand Registry Requirements - Process, Costs & Benefits

Amazon Brand Registry Requirements - Process, Costs & Benefits

Amazon Brand Registry is a way to protect your brand on Amazon. In the US, if you have a registered trademark (get it here), you can inform Amazon and prevent anyone except you from using your brand there.

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