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In this country, there is a final publication/certificate fee when your mark is accepted to registration or publication. We will inform you when the payment can be submitted.

This fee is obligatory in order to complete the registration process. All legal and official payments are included.

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Trademark Study

Is your trademark available? We will provide you with our sophisticated Trademark Study, which will allow you to ensure a successful trademark registration.

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Our Watch System can simultaneously track trademark registrations in more than 100 countries and offers second to none tracking quality.

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Our attorneys will prepare and file a renewal application for your trademark, to ensure that your mark is protected for the next 10 years.

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Process Details

The trademark is filed by our local attorney at the National Intellectual Property Center (Sakpatenti). Georgia uses the Nice classification, 11th edition, the processing time is 14-17 months.

Georgia Trademark registration How To Order

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  • We will keep you posted on the progress & inform you when the trademark registers


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