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Registering a Trademark in Greece

As in the case with all European Union members, Greece is also a member of the WIPO and conforms to trademark rules similar to the ones in other advanced economies. 

Both electronic and mail filings are accepted, but it's a good idea to conduct a Greece trademark search in advance to ensure that you don't run afoul of an existing registration. 

Greece Trademark Search

As is the case with all of the trademark and copyright registrations under the WIPO system, the standard is used for the name of a product, service or business in case of an overlap within an industry when the names appear to be confusingly similar. Bonamark can help any client who wishes to conduct a Greece trademark search and further registration procedures. 

Greek Trademark Office - Procedures and Fees

5 Metsovou str.

106 82 Athens

(0030) 213 214 7800

The Greek Trademark Office accepts initial online applications in English, but a final filing with a translation to Greek must be submitted within three months of the trademark filing date. A deposit fee of €110 is expected at the time of submission, and an additional €10 per class up to 10 classes must be included as part of a Greece trademark registration. It is possible to register a trademark in multiple classes. 

Each filing should include a representation of the trademark, including an exact spelling and any versions of a logo. A list of goods and services also have to be included as well as applicant's details as a Power of Attorney. 

If your trademark is approved, it will remain valid for 10 years. You will have to submit a renewal to keep it current after 10 years from the filing date. 

Duration: How Long Will it Take?

The average time for the trademark registration procedure in Greece is about 5 months. If the trademark is rejected or a conflict with another one is discovered, you will have 90 days from the date of notification to submit documentation for reconsideration.