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I would not say that Mongolia is the most common country to register a trademark, nonetheless, it is increasingly more popular among our Chinese clients as they develop a lot of local projects, which are connected with extracting minerals, construction, cashmere and consumer goods. Our attorney in Mongolia is quite versatile and specializes not only in Intellectual Property but also in Contract Law, due diligence, Market entry and Anti-piracy investigations. Also, we can help you to form a company in Mongolia, as our attorney has vast experience in this subject. 


Mongolia is a member of the Madrid Agreement since 1979, therefore, companies rarely file local trademarks following the national procedure and require a local attorney in Mongolia only in case of objections, oppositions or any other problems during the registration process. There are around 30 licensed trademark attorneys in Mongolia who actually speak English and it might be quite challenging to find a reliable one with the appropriate experience. Here, Bonamark can help to handle your IP cases in Mongolia.

Non-residents filed around 2400 trademark applications in Mongolia in 2015, compared to 1200 brand applications filed by locals. Around 3300 applications were accepted to registration in 2015. According to the statistics, Mongolian companies do not file their trademarks or patents abroad frequently, only 35 trademarks have been filed in 2015 abroad by the Mongolians through the Madrid Agreement. The only famous Mongolian Brand I can think of is Gobi - the world’s highest quality cashmere wool. Gobi is the fifth largest cashmere company in the world and one of the most well-known Mongolian brands

Our professional trademark attorney in Mongolia will prepare and file your trademark for registration at General Authority for Intellectual Property and State Registration (GAIPSR)

Mongolian Trademark Office [photo]

Trademark registration: Requirements and Application

Trademark protection is obtained by registration.  A correctly filled trademark application must be submitted to the Trademark Office of Mongolia, foreign applicants require a local agent (attorney).

1. Name of the applicant

2. Address of the applicant

3. Description of products/services the applicant commercializes

List of goods intended to be registered under the mark must be presented. 

Class of the goods is also required, The Trademark Office of Mongolia uses the Nice classification, 10th edition.

4. Details of the trademark

Size is 7cm x 5cm. 

10 prints for a black and white trademark. 

15 prints for a colored trademark.

Prints should be on durable paper.

5. Power of Attorney 

Available upon request. 

Acceptable by fax or e-mail but the original copy should be sent within 2 weeks from the date of filing the application. 

Signature of the applicant and company stamp is desirable.

No notarization needed.

6. Copies of Priority Documents

A certified copy of priority documents is only required where priority is claimed.


Free Registered Trademark Search in Mongolia

Available online, You can request a free trademark search online on our website or here:

Trademark Database in Mongolia which contains 64000 trademarks filed and registered in Mongolia. The database is frequently updated and you can rely on the information you get from the website. However, we recommend ordering a trademark study as this will allow you to check the probability of registration of your trademark in Mongolia, calculated by an experienced attorney.

Note, that the Mongolians use Cyrillic, which looks like Russian, but in fact is more like Chinese written in Cyrillic characters, therefore, when performing a trademark search for the word GREEN in the database mentioned above you are likely to miss the word ГРИН, which is virtually the same. Thus, we recommend hiring an attorney to perform the trademark search in Mongolia.

Responses to objections in Mongolia

The application process includes a formal examination, an examination of distinctiveness and a search for prior trademarks. The registration time in case of a straightforward registration process is around 7 months. After registration, the registered trademark is published on the website of the GAIPSR.
The Mongolian Trademark Office rarely objects trademarks but if this is the case, our trademark lawyer is ready to handle the entire case. The attorney will require your Power of Attorney (duly signed) to proceed. The price will be informed to you prior to taking any action.

Trademark duration in Mongolia

A trademark registration is valid for 10 years starting from the filing date. There are no use requirements and, unlike many countries, in Mongolia it is impossible to cancel a trademark due to non-use. 

Our price of registration request does not include the final registration fees in Mongolia, which are charged at the end of the process. The prices do not include any legal defenses in case of oppositions or objections.

We offer the following services in Mongolia:

  • Trademark Search (wordmarks only)
  • Trademark Registration
  • Trademark renewal
  • Trademark oppositions only against a registered trademark (!). Unlike many countries, we cannot oppose a pending application. This means that Bonamark can only initiate a cancellation of a registered trademark in Mongolia.
  • Defenses in case of oppositions or objections/office actions in Mongolia
  • Trademark assignment
  • Change of name/Change of Address

If you are interested in any of these services, please do not hesitate to contact us.