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In this country, there is a final publication/certificate fee when your mark is accepted to registration or publication. We will inform you when the payment can be submitted.

This fee is obligatory in order to complete the registration process. All legal and official payments are included.

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Is your trademark available? We will provide you with our sophisticated Trademark Study, which will allow you to ensure a successful trademark registration.

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The Office applies the current version of the Nice Classification, you can find acceptable goods and services in this link.

Our professional trademark attorney in Vietnam will prepare and file your trademark for registration at the Trademark Office. Vietnam is a "first to file" country thus, the one who files a trademark first has the right to use it. Trademark protection is obtained by registration.

In Vietnam well known trademarks are protected without any registration procedures. If a well-known trademark is recognized according to civil procedures or under a decision of the National Office of Intellectual Property, that well-known trademark shall be included in the list of well-known trademarks.

Vietnam is a member of WIPO since 1976. Also, Vietnam is a member of the Madrid Agreement since June 25, 1939 and the Madrid Protocol since July 11, 2006.

With 30,000 trademark applications filed each year, only 12.000 are filed by foreign applicants, and 1.700 are filed abroad. It demonstrates the understanding of how important the trademarks are for local businesses. You can access additional information regarding IP statistics in Vietnam here.



Fill out our simple online form in just 5 minutes and a Trademark Specialist will contact you within 24 hours in order to guide you through the process. Multiple-class applications are possible.

Vietnam applies the first-to-file system. Where two or more applications are filed by many different owners for registration of the same mark, the registration may be granted to the valid application with the earliest priority or filing date among applications that meet all requirements.

What is registrable as a trademark?

  • words,
  • names,
  • acronyms,
  • letters,
  • numbers,
  • devices,
  • combinations or shades of colours,
  • three-dimensional forms
  • and any combination of the mentioned signs.

Note that slogans are registrable as trademarks in Vietnam provided they are distinctive either substantially or upon proof of obtained distinctiveness.


What will be required to file your brand in Vietnam?

  • Type of the applicant: individual or a company.
  • Complete name of the owner.
  • Full address of the owner.
  • Phone number - to contact you in case if any action is required.
  • Mailing address - to forward you the certificate once the trademark is registered.
  • List of goods/services.
  • Class or classes.
  • Trademark itself.
  • Power of attorney (simply signed)

Registration Procedure

A straightforward trademark registration process takes 12 months. Our attorney will file your trademark within 7 business days, after receiving the required details and documents. An application filed with the National Office of Intellectual Property goes through the formality examination.

The time frame for the examination of an application is one month from the filing date.

After the formality examination is completed the NOIP sends a notice of acceptance of a valid application, or a notice of intended refusal (with a request to correct mistakes).

Within 2 months from the date the application is accepted, it will be published in the Industrial Property Official Gazette for opposition. An additional fee should be paid for such publication.

The next stage is the substantive examination. The purpose of the examination is to determine the eligibility of objects claimed in the application under the requirements.

The examination will be performed by examiners within 6-9 months from the date of publication.

Within 10 days after acceptance the applicant pays the registration fees, the NOIP issues the Mark Registration Certificate.

The Certificate should be recorded in the National Register of Marks and the decision on granting the mark registration should be published in the Industrial Property Official Gazette within 2 months from the date of issuance.


Fees: How Much Will it Cost?

A trademark registration is valid for 10 years from the date of application.

The registration is renewable for periods of 10 years.

If the trademark has not been used within 5 years from registration any interested party may petition for cancellation.

If a mark has not been used for 5 years and no cancellation action is taken against it, in this case, the mark is protected.


Extensive Search & Study

Available online, you can request a free trademark search online on our website or here:

Trademark Database 

(contains registered and filed trademarks in Vietnam)

However, we recommend ordering a trademark study as this will allow you to check the probability of registration of your trademark in Vietnam, calculated by an experienced attorney.


Trademark Application Fees

The official fee for filing a trademark application is VND 1,000,000 for one class for up to 6 items of goods/services. Each extra class in the same application is VND 880,000 and each extra item of goods/services exceeding 6th is VND 170,000. The fee for registration is VND 120,000 and the fee for publication is VND 240,000 (for one class for up to 6 items of goods/services).

Our fees (16th of November, 2017):

  • Trademark Search in one class: 89USD
  • Additional class: 79 USD
  • Trademark Registration Request in one class: 289 USD (wordmark)
  • Additional class: 289 USD (wordmark)
  • Registration fees in one class: 169 USD
  • Additional class: 39 USD

All prices include the government fees.

If you are interested in any of these services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Note, that the price of a registration request does not include final registration fees in Vietnam. The prices do not include any legal defenses in case of oppositions or objections.