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Logo is a type of trademarks. You might want to get it registered to use it exclusively. Registration of a logo is similar to registration of a trademark. Basically, that is the same process. You should choose the country where you want to protect your logo and hire us to file your application in this country. After the registration, your logo will be protected for 10 years.

Register Your Logo with Bonamark

Logo registration is territorial, it means that your logo is only protected in the country where it is registered. Unregistered logos will be covered by copyright, if it’s sufficiently unique.

When you file for a logo trademark, you want primarily to protect the design elements and not the wordmark. The wording in the logo will be protected as well, but in some countries, the protection will be very limited.

When you have a budget, you can file your wordmark additionally to get it protected completely.

When to register?

When you have the budget. Also, when your business become profitable and you have a reputation you want to protect.

Our attorneys are ready to offer you great prices for registration services in any country.

What are benefits of registering a logo?

Besides the fact that your design elements will be protected there are additional benefits. You will be able to make your trademark more distinctive when there are similar marks on the market or if your mark is weak. Not mentioning that you will use the R symbol instead of TM.

Usually, it’s easier to register a logo trademark as it is more distinctive by default.

What are the required documents?

To register a logo you will need to provide us with a Power of Attorney in some countries.

But everything depends on a country. Some will require the original documents to be mailed to the Intellectual Property Office, others will register your mark without any documents.

Ask us for more details on the exact country.

When you file your logo in colors you claim those colors. The idea is that the colors will be protected as a part of your logo, but you will be able to use the R sign only with your logo as filed in these very colors. If you decide to use your logo in other colors, your trademark should be re-filed to avoid potential non-use cancellations in the future.

We recommend filing your logo in black and white as this will allow you to cover any color you decide to use in the future.

However, a trademark with a color claim is easier to register. Could be a solution if there is a similar trademark.

Bonamark service registers logos in 200+ countries.

What is the timeframe for the logo registration?

It depends on the country of your interest, however, usually it takes months to register your logo officially.

Copyright and Trademarks process

  • Copyright provides a more general protection, covering your logo for a limited period after which it can't be renewed. Moreover, not every logo can be protected by copyright, only a fraction of all logos enjoys this protection.
  • The problem is that copyright was not meant to protect logos, it should be used to cover more significant works like paintings, books and songs.
  • A regular logo might not be distinctive enough to entitle the copyright protection in some countries. The next problem is the enforcement as if someone uses your copyrighted logo as his trademark, you will have to hire an attorney to sue the infringer, which entails additional expenses.

Because of this, the copyright protection is not an ideal solution when you plan to use your logo in commerce.



The service was prompt. It seems that a lot of work was invested preparing my trademark study. I highly recommend Bonamark.



Got another trademark registered with bonamark. Well done! Very happy to use its services, great support and professional consultants.

Lovell W.


Diana reply my questions always polite, patience and quickly. She made the whole progress launched very smooth and simple.


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