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Trademark Renewal Service

  • When you get a trademark, you should be aware that it’s not forever. Well, technically, a properly maintained trademark can last endlessly but there is a catch.
  • The mark should be renewed every 10 years.

Renew Your Trademark Online will allow you to renew your trademark online easily. Even better, informs you whenever you have an incoming renewal deadline, which helps keep worst-case scenarios at bay no matter how long ago you filed.

Trademark Renewal Application. This is a specific form confirming that you wish to renew your trademark and use it for another 10 years. As your trademark is a type of property you need to pay a tax (government fee) to the government so it allows you to use your mark for the next period.

The mark should be renewed 10 years after the initial registration date. In many countries, the timeline is not 10 years, but 5, 7 or even 20, but most of the countries, such as the United States & UK require trademark owners to file a trademark renewal every 10 years.

When you own a trademark abroad you must be represented by a local attorney, who will charge a legal fee for his service. The trademark renewal service includes filling out the renewal application in his local language and handling the process with the local patent and trademark office.

Trademark renewal cost

The trademark renewal fee is similar to the cost of getting a new trademark registration. The legal fee is less, but the official cost is higher than in the case of filing for a new trademark. The process is way faster, though.

Provided that the form is filled out correctly, the process is straightforward.Our attorneys are able to offer you very competitive prices through our trademark renewal service in any country worldwide.

For how long can you own the trademark?

Unlike patents, which expire permanently, you can own the brand for as long as you are willing to pay the renewal fee. There are trademarks maintained active in the Database since the 1880s.

What are the required documents for trademark renewal?

To renew a trademark, you will need a new Power of Attorney in the majority of the countries. But only in the case if you appoint a new representative (not the one filed the application).

But everything depends on the country. There are Trademark Offices which will require the original certificate to be mailed to the Intellectual Property Office, others will renew your mark online, without any documents. Different countries have different rules.

Ask us for more details on the exact country.

What if I did not renew the mark timely?

Some countries, such as the UK & United States have a grace period: a period of 6-12 months after the date of expiration of your trademark when you can file a petition to revive your trademark.

The official fee will duplicate, and the legal fee may be higher as well.

But you will get your mark restored.

Can I change any details during the renewal procedure?

Even though that it seems natural to amend your trademark when it is being renewed, this is a separate process and will require a separate request and payment. Usually, you can only delete some classes/products from your registered trademark. You can't change details of the Owner during the renewal process. It requires filing an additional form. 

New logo on trademark renewal

You can’t significantly amend your trademark after registration. The mark will be renewed exactly as it is registered even if you have a new logo. If you wish to protect your new logo consider filing a new trademark.

Can I renew my trademark only in some classes/not for all products?

This is the only change in the application which is possible at the moment of the renewal. As it was mentioned, everything depends on the country of your interest.


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