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Registration Process in a nutshell (explained in 2 minutes) + Video

When you chose the countries of your interest, came up with a list of services and products and a Study showed that there are no conflicts you can start the process of applying for your trademark. 

NOTE: We recommend getting a Study to be confident of the outcome of the process and get peace of mind during the months the process will take. At the same time, it’s an optional service.

   1. First, you authorize an attorney to submit documents for you. Sometimes you must sign a Power of Attorney, but some countries only require a simple informal authorization over the phone or in an email message. 

   2. Then, the Trademark Office checks if the documents are correct, if the description of goods and services is according to the local standards, if all the fees are paid and if the applicant (you) is allowed to own a trademark. If you hired a professional attorney any problems at this stage are unlikely. 

   3. After this, an examiner will check if your mark can be registered. Your mark will be compared to all prior active marks to confirm if it can coexist with them.

   4. If yes, your mark will be published in a Trademark Journal so any interested party can present arguments against its registration. Usually that’s owners of prior similar trademarks believing that the examiner made a mistake in allowing your mark to register. A study can locate up to 90-100% of all potential conflicts, but some oppositions are unpredictable. 

  5. After the publication period is over and no oppositions received, your mark will be registered and a trademark certificate will be issued.

Your mark will be protected for 10 years and you will have an obligation to use the mark. Don’t forget that if you stop using the mark for 3-5 years, others may cancel it. registers marks in 150+ countries and territories. Our experience will add value to your trademark registration granting the highest success probability and the broadest scope of protection.

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