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Best Places to learn more about trademarks: From Beginner to Pro

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At Bonamark®, we often hire candidates for entry-level positions even if they don't have any prior experience in trademarks. We've found that it's actually easier to start from scratch and teach them our standards rather than relying on their previous education.



Since 2016, we have become quite skilled at teaching intellectual property and trademarks in particular. Over the years, we've collected a treasure trove of videos, documents, articles and other material suitable for learners at any level.



We have decided to share the 10 best sources that dozens of our consultants and paralegals have found incredibly helpful in learning more about international intellectual property protection.



We will start with materials suited for the beginner level and will go up to the professional level. Unfortunately, we will not be sharing our internal learning courses, but we are more than happy to give links to the public ones. 


1. Introduction to IP: Crash Course Intellectual Property



The best (in my opinion) crash course on trademarks. Over a cycle of 8 videos, you will learn all the basics you might need in your business. I wish to mention the 11-minute video about trademarks which is very practical and detailed. All this is provided in a very condensed format of a free crash course. If you would ask me about the one video about trademarks I would recommend to anyone starting a business, I would mention this video. 


2. Upskill - Course lessons



This course is provided by the Trademark Office of Australia and encompasses everything from “What is Intellectual Property” to more specific IP-related issues. I think that the best part is the quizzes that you can take to check your understanding of the course. There are several downsides, though: the course is prepared by the Trademark Office of Australia and some information about trademarks can’t be applied to other countries. The other issue is the time required to finish the course. You should expect to spend at least several hours to finish the course, but, as always, you can take only the parts that are important to you. It’s a must for someone who wants to dive into the details.


3. Basic Facts: Trademarks, Patents, and Copyrights



The best videos to learn about marks in the USA, but honestly, their presentation skills could have been so much better. Despite being boring, the video is great for beginners to learn unbiased information about trademarks in the USA. You can also check additional videos about every (!) aspect of protecting your intellectual property in the USA. Great information, but they can work on their presentation.


4. Lexology search



Let’s say that you are familiar with the basics and wish to learn more about particular countries or read case studies. Lexology is the best place to find information prepared by local attorneys. There are a lot of structured guides to trademark laws in every country prepared by experienced trademark practitioners. The downside is that there are too many different articles and sometimes it’s difficult to find the one you are really looking for. The UX of the website could be better, too.


5. Country Index



It contains information about official trademark fees, classifications, time-frames from filing to registration, and a lot of other useful information. Some of the information is available only to paid subscribers. However, all the essential information is conveniently gathered in one place, making your search more efficient.


6. WIPO website 



The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) website is a valuable resource for learning about international trademarks and intellectual property matters. This is the place to learn more about the international trademark system aka the Madrid System and how it works. The website contains comprehensive information on international trademark and IP treaties.


7. USPTO Trademark Examination Manual

Do you ever find yourself questioning why a trademark examiner raised an objection? Well, now you can put those doubts to rest! This manual is a valuable resource that trademark examiners in the USA use to evaluate trademarks. It contains a thorough list of trademark rules, potential conflicts, and guidance on how to address them. US trademark attorneys also rely on it when crafting responses to objections. However, it's worth noting that this manual is quite lengthy and complex, designed primarily for professionals in the field.



With these resources at your disposal, you can access comprehensive information about trademarks and the trademark registration process in any country. From crash courses and comprehensive courses to expert articles and government manuals, there's something here for everyone. If you are new to trademarks we suggest starting with the first sources on this list. If you are a regular business owner, it will be more than enough as you will know more than 80% of other businessmen. So,  dive into these valuable sources and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to safeguard your intellectual property rights.





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