International Trademark Registration

Free Trademark Search
BonamarkInternational Trademark RegistrationFree Trademark Search is an online solution designed to make managing international trademarks a more streamlined and intuitive process. Trademark management services offer a bevy of useful benefits and features.

We offer a full set of Intellectual Property services, from trademark searches to trademark assignments. To protect your trademark, we offer the following services:


Trademark Search

We recommend starting with a Trademark Search. A report prepared by our attorneys will help you check whether or not your trademark can be registered. This is an optional service. However, based on our experience, more than 90% of trademark owners who ordered our search successfully registered their trademarks.

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Trademark Registration

A trademark registration request is the second step in having your trademark protected. Our local attorney will prepare a trademark application according to your instructions and file it with the appropriate Trademark Office. We will keep you informed of any news regarding your trademark during the registration process.

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Trademark Watch

When your trademark is registered, our Trademark Watch will help keep you informed of any similar trademarks that are published. This enables you to oppose the applications and protect your rights.

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Other trademark services

We offer other trademark services: assignments, change of address, responses to objections and any other trademark-related service. Contact us to get more information.


Domain Services

We officially register more than 100 geographic domains and generic top-level domains. We strive to offer competitive prices for registrations in numerous extensions. You can contact us regarding registration of your domain.


Translation Services

We offer localization of your website and any documents to Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and to more than 20 other languages by native speakers, helping to build your presence in the regions and to reach more clients. Contact us for a quote.