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Please note that the listed prices are for trademark studies, registration requests, and final registration fees. There are no hidden fees: the prices include government fees, legal fees, and disbursements. Trademark Registration can be complex, and sometimes Governmental Trademark Offices issue objections against new trademarks. The listed prices do not include any responses to objections, oppositions, disputes, and refusals. These additional services (if required) are billed separately. Ordering an extensive trademark study will decrease the probability of any problems with your mark.

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  1.  Trademark Registration FAQ
    1.  Understanding terms and legal jargon
    2.  How to register a trademark? Trademark registration in a nutshell. 
    3. When do you need to register a trademark?
    4. Where to register a trademark?
    5. What can you protect by a trademark?
  2. Ways to get a worldwide trademark registration
  3. Register your trademark online with Bonamark 
  4. Requirements to Register a Trademark Online
  5. Prices to Register a Trademark Online
  6. How long does it take to register a trademark globally
  7. Trademark registration Online is fast and straightforward with Bonamark
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Trademark Registration FAQ

✅ Read the Trademark FAQ

Understanding terms and legal jargon. 

Trademark: A trademark is a type of intellectual property that provides legal protection for a brand name, logo, or slogan that represents a particular product or service.

Trademark Registration: Trademark registration is a legal process that provides the owner with exclusive rights to use the mark in connection with their products or services and can also provide legal remedies for infringement. 

Trademark Filing: Trademark Filing is the beginning of the trademark registration process. This involves preparing required documents and submitting them along with the government fee. 

Government fee: A fee collected by the government at the Trademark Office to examine and register your trademark.

Filing number: The number assigned to your trademark application after filing your trademark. This is the most important number associated with your trademark. It allows finding the mark in the future.

Filing date: The date your trademark was filed. Limited trademark protection starts from this date, but you can enjoy complete protection only after registration. 

Trademark Office: A government agency in charge of registering trademarks. 

Trademark Application: A form containing information about your trademark, your goods and services, and the owner of the mark, including the owner's address. This is the most important document to start the registration process. Our attorneys prepare the document.

Trademark Attorney: A legal professional who specializes in trademark law. Trademark attorneys assist clients in protecting and managing their trademarks, service marks, and trade names and act in their interests before the Trademark Office.

Final Fee: (Certificate Fee, Registration Fee): in a minority of countries, there is a fee you must pay at the end of the process to register your trademark finally after a favorable decision is issued. A positive decision means that the mark is accepted to registration or publication. 

Publication: A step in the trademark registration process between the examination and registration. It allows the public to object to a trademark registration for any reason.

Objection, refusal, observation, office action: This means that something is wrong with the trademark, and the Trademark Office does not accept the mark. To overcome an objection, a trademark attorney usually must prepare a response to the objection addressing the issues mentioned by the Trademark Office.

How to register a trademark? Trademark registration in a nutshell.

The process begins with an optional trademark search to learn if your mark is available for registration. Similar marks can’t coexist, so someone can’t register Aple for mobile phones. Then, we prepare the required documents according to your instructions and file the mark. Once the mark is filed, the official registration process starts. The actual time frame depends on the Trademark Office and its workload and procedures. 

Prepared by: Vladimir Isaev, Director of Bonamark EU

When do you need to register a trademark?

When we talk about the best time to start trademark registration, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Many factors should be considered, such as the entity type, start-up capital, business niche, product development stage, etc.

In general, you don't have to register your trademark with the Trademark Office to have protection. In some jurisdictions, unregistered trademarks may gain “common law" protection.

But only officially registered trademark rights are easier to enforce when it comes to trademark infringement. Registered trademark owners are entitled to bring a lawsuit to restore their rights.

Therefore, the best strategy is to think about trademarks from the beginning. Spending 300 to 600 USD on trademark registration will save you tens of thousands of dollars in protecting your brand from infringers. 

Prepared by: Diana Janson, Head of Sales

Where to register a trademark?

In the countries you are working in right now or plan to work in the next few years. 

What can you protect by a trademark?

A brand name, logo, or slogan that represents a particular product or service.



Ways to get a worldwide trademark registration

First things first: there is no such thing as one trademark recognized in every country of the world. Trademarks are territorial and your mark will be protected only in the country where it was registered. Other countries do not recognize foreign trademarks and maintain their own registers of valid trademarks. 

There are two main ways to obtain a worldwide trademark, but a truly worldwide trademark can be registered by using a combination of those 2 methods. Here they are:

  1. Using the Madrid Protocol maintained by the WIPO
  2. Using the national procedures in all the countries. The trademark registration service is provided by a government agency called the Trademark and Patent Office. In every country, the Office will have a different name (USPTO in the USA, UK IPO in the UK, etc). Bonamark works with all the Offices to ensure your international trademark registration.

WIPO covers only part of the countries (around 100 countries to be precise). That's a very cost-effective way to extend an existing trademark to 10+ countries at the same time. It's easy but not very flexible. There are potential downsides which we discuss in our blog section. 

A national Trademark Registration process is different in every country of the world. You might need to prepare a separate set of documents for each country. It's usually more expensive but provides second-to-none protection and flexibility. You can register different versions of your brands for different countries. You can adjust the description of your goods and services to avoid potential conflicts, etc.

Bonamark can provide you with trademark registration services no matter what system you use. 

Register your trademark online with Bonamark 

Unlike many traditional companies, Bonamark offers trademark registration online in every country. You can register your mark globally using any options we provide with zero hidden costs. Bonamark believes in transparency and long-term cooperation and we always provide you with the full price of the process beforehand. 

You may submit your payment online through our website, pay to our bank account or pay by PayPal. 

You can order an online trademark registration service without a personal visit to our offices. We will provide documents you can sign and send to our international attorneys to kick-start your trademark registration process. 

The exact set of documents will vary in different countries. We are familiar with processes in all countries and can guide you through the process of registering your brand online. Bonamark will send you any updates during the registration process and send regular follow-ups every 2-3 months. We will keep you informed of any updates or changes in the status of your application as they arise. 

Our team will be diligently reviewing the details of your application to guarantee its accuracy and adherence to local trademark registration guidelines. This meticulous approach helps us avoid any potential issues or delays in the approval process.

Once your mark is registered, we will send you a digital certificate or a paper certificate by regular tracked mail. Courier delivery of the certificate is available as well. 


Requirements to Register a Trademark Online

In order to register your trademark with us, you can contact us using the link below or by sending an email to [email protected]. After you contact us, a trademark expert will guide you through the process.

Since we make filing a trademark trouble-free, it will only require a few minutes of your time. We made the process as easy as one, two, three:

  • Send us a message using this form
  • Name the countries of your interest for registering a trademark. 
  • We will provide you with our quote and a clear plan on how to register your trademark worldwide.

Our local Trademark Attorneys will apply for your trademark in the countries of your interest.

As it was mentioned above, the process is different in different countries, and a separate set of documents will be required. You can contact us for more detailed instructions. In a nutshell, there are three main groups of countries if we arrange them by requirements:

  1. The first group requires no additional documents to register your trademark.
  2. The second group requires a Power of Attorney, and the document can be provided digitally.
  3. The third group requires a set of original documents, the applicant will have to sign the documents we will provide and send them by post to our attorneys. Sometimes, the documents must be notarized or legalized. We will help you prepare the documents and guide you through the legalization process if it is required.

Once you prepare the documents, you can send the documents to your dedicated consultant in order to check them with our local attorneys before the documents are submitted. 

Prices to Register a Trademark Online

Trademark registration cost differs between specific countries, and you may contact us in order to request a quotation. The prices are in USD, but we accept GBP, CHF, AUD, PLN, and SGD. Trademarks are not a piece of cake if you do it yourself; there can be many options, and we recommend that you contact us. We have been registering marks, copyrights and patents since 2016 and can help you register any mark in any country. We believe in honest prices and will always inform you of the total price with all the fees beforehand.

  1. Trademark Study - a detailed trademark search to determine if your mark can be registered at all. This is an optional service, and usually, it costs a fraction of the total filing price.
  2. Trademark Filing or a Registration Request - the price includes several fees. A government fee is an amount we must pay to the government to start the process of your trademark registration. A legal fee is a fee charged by our local attorney. Disbursements are additional small costs not covered by the legal fee. Our prices include all the fees.
  3. Final fees (if applicable) - in some countries, an additional certificate fee is submitted once the mark is accepted for registration. If this is the case, this fee will be listed separately below the filing price on the country page on This fee might be obligatory. 

The prices will depend on the country you want to register your mark. You may find our prices on, under the tab “Prices”.

How long does it take to register a trademark globally

The trademark registration process can take from a few weeks to a few years, depending on the country. Afterward, the trademark is finally registered for a period of 10 years and can be renewed indefinitely. 

Registering a trademark through the Madrid Protocol takes from 18 to 24 months to register a trademark. During this period, your mark will be protected to some extent; for example, if anyone tries to file a similar trademark in the same country, their brand will be refused. However, in many countries, you will not be able to sue for damages if anyone uses the brand without your permission until the trademark is registered. Why is that? 

Once the mark is filed, it is not certain that it will be registered. The Trademark Office might refuse it; other parties can submit oppositions, and the Applicant can forget to pay the final fee (if applicable). At the same time, the Office must provide some kind of protection while the mark is in process, which can take up to 24 months.

Trademark registration Online is fast and simple with Bonamark

If you are interested in registering your trademark Online in any country of the world - contact us and we will help you to register your mark with the highest probability of registration possible. provides you with the tools necessary to register a trademark internationally. Protecting a trademark internationally is crucial if you plan to expand into foreign markets and wish to protect your trademark name from anyone acting in bad faith.

On our website, you can request a free trademark search and we will check your trademark among millions of registered brands. We have performed international trademark searches and registrations since 2016, and our trademark agents are among the most experienced in the industry.

The trademark registration process couldn't be more straightforward with's cutting-edge algorithms and infrastructure.

Protecting your trademark (combined mark, logo or wordmark) is your most important investment. Your registered trademark is an important asset. You can sell it,  franchise it and use it exclusively. Unregistered trademarks have no protection, can be easily lost, and usually can't be sold.


Since 2016, Bonamark has offered international trademark registration services in more than 180 countries and registered around 8000 trademarks, patents, and copyrights; we can help you register your mark anywhere in the world with complete transparency and lower fees. In addition, we work directly with attorneys in the majority of countries and guarantee the quality of our services. 

Consultants of Bonamark have years of experience and are happy to share it with you. Working with us, you can enjoy higher success rates than anyone else can offer. Contact us today to get our offer and start working with one of the best trademark registration agencies in the world.

Contact us to register your mark



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