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BonamarkInternational Trademark RegistrationFree Trademark Search conducts thorough scans of available international copyright databases to inform you of what is and is not available at a given time. The service's International trademark search offerings are second to none, giving businesses the ability to quickly find specific brand names and slogans listed among the millions in dozens of different countries.

Searches conducted by are fast, comprehensive, and compliant with national procedures.

Not all trademarks can be registered.

Trademarks can be unregistrable for numerous reasons: the reasons are different in each country. That is why you may order our Trademark Study to be sure that you will not waste your money applying for an unregistrable trademark.

Our specialists will verify the probabilities of registration of your trademark. The search will be conducted in order to find any identical or similar trademark which could be an obstacle. Our attorney will analyze the results in order to provide you with the probability of successful registration.

Search Packages

Basic Search
  • List of identical trademarks
  • Registrability report: if your trademark meets minimum requirements
  • In 50 countries
Extensive Study
FROM $59
  • List of similar and identical trademarks
  • Analysis of similar trademarks
  • Probability of registration
  • Detailed registrability report
  • Our recommendations
  • In 150 countries

Why is this important?

Our Report will show similar trademarks, which might be an obstacle for your application, and the probability of a straightforward registration. As a resume of the report, our attorney will provide you with his recommendations.

We offer 100% money back guarantee, if the studied trademark gets an objection due to a mark not mentioned in our study.

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