Our trademark experts will search for identical or very similar trademarks filed or registered in 100+ countries. We will do this manually and will provide you with the results within a day. The best part? It's free!



What makes our free trademark search great?

Do you know what classes are? Do you know how to determine the correct class? You don’t have to if you use our search! Just type in the products you wish to cover with your trademark and we will determine the correct class and perform the search in the class or classes.


Multiple databases.

Some trademark databases are available only to attorneys and some are not free. We will search in such databases for you. You do not have to check numerous scattered websites on the Internet.


Honest trademark search.

As our search is manual we won’t ignore when you search for an unregistrable trademark and will notify you. We won’t deceit you screaming “Your trademark Gogle is available! Apply for it now!” We will explain how trademarks work and what is a confusingly similar mark. Ideally, we will save you from making a mistake and filing for an unregistrable mark.


Not only identical search.

When you search for RedEagle we will perform the search for Red Eagle, RedEagle, Eagle Red. Technically, these are different trademarks. 


Do I need the Extensive Study?

If there are no obvious conflicts it’s a sound idea to check for hidden conflicts. This way we will check for some potentially conflicting trademarks which are not so easy to spot.