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Register a logo as a trademark

Register a logo as a trademarkCopyright and Trademarks


Copyright provides a more general protection, covering your logo for a limited period of time after which it can't be renewed. Moreover, not every logo can be protected by copyright, only a fraction of all logos enjoys this protection. The problem is that copyright was not meant to protect logos, it should be used to cover more significant works like paintings, books and songs. A regular logo might not be distinctive enough to entitle the copyright protection in some countries. The next problem is the enforcement as if someone uses your copyrighted logo as his trademark, you will have to hire an attorney to sue the infringer, which entails additional expenses.

Because of this, the copyright protection is not an ideal solution when you plan using your logo in commerce.

On the other hand, almost any logo can be trademarked and when you decide to use your logo in commerce, it's better to trademark it.

Why to register a Trademark Logo?

Trademarks can be renewed for as many times as you wish. Even when copyright lapses, the trademark can still be protected as happened in the case of Tarzan. Even though the books are in the public domain, the trademark Tarzan is protected by the trademark law, enforcing anyone who tries to use it to pay a fee to the holder of the rights. That is a smart strategy.
If anyone tries to register your logo as his trademark, it will be rejected automatically, without any additional expenses from your side, provided that you registered your logo as a trademark.
Also, you are allowed to use the ® symbol to show that the mark is yours. 

How to register your logo as a trademark?

Trademarks are territorial and if you plan to sell your goods in the US, you should trademark your logo in the USA. We offer our services in 150 countries and you may check our prices in the link. You can contact us with any questions, our consultation is fee and we are happy to help you.

In your coutnry of residence you can file your trademark yourself or can contact us and we will recommend you a local attorney to help you. 



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