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Trademark Renewal

A trademark is valid for a limited period of time — it varies from 7 to 20 years, depending on a country. After the period, the trademark should be renewed and it can be renewed for as many times as you wish.

The oldest active trademark was registered in 1876 and is in use since the date, what means that the mark exists for 141 years.

Can I renew a trademark myself?

Usually, it’s possible to renew your trademark without a lawyer in the country of your residence, however, if you have a mark registered abroad, you normally have to hire an attorney to renew it.

What is the price?

Our attorneys renew trademarks in 150 countries and our fee starts from US$499 per mark. You can contact us to get a quote.

What are the requirements?

It depends. Some countries require that you use your brand and others don’t. Some countries will require a statement that you still own the trademark, others will ask for a legalized power of attorney. What is applicable to all the countries is that there is a government fee, which is to be paid in order to renew your trademark.

How long does it take to renew a trademark?

From hours to months. In the UK, for instance, you can renew your brand within a day and in Indonesia the renewal takes months.

What should I know before renewing my brand?

That you should avoid making false claims that you used your trademark if you didn’t.

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