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In this country, there is a final publication/certificate fee when your mark is accepted to registration or publication. We will inform you when the payment can be submitted.

This fee is obligatory in order to complete the registration process. All legal and official payments are included.

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Process Details

Official Trademark Office in South Korea

Name of Trademark Office: The Copyright Bureau of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea.

Address: 338, Galmae-ro, Sejong, 339-012 Republic of Korea

Phone number: (82) (0) 44 203 2595

Conducting a trademark search in South Korea is an important step for any business that intends to promote a product or service with an international profile, and Bonamark can assist you with each step of the process. 

The country is a WIPO member, so its rules conform closely to the ones which are used in other countries to decide whether a name, trademark or copyright can be used for commercial purposes. Our assistance of doing a South Korea trademark search will ensure that you don't invest money into an effort that you might have to revisit if one is challenged or if you end up in litigation. 

Extensive Search & Study

The biggest question under WIPO rules is a bit confusing in case of similarity. 

For example, Apple Records and Apple Computer didn't come into trademark conflict until the computer company went into the music business. To avoid all the confusion Bonamark can conduct a trademark search thoroughly on your behalf to determine the chances for you to be able to pull off trademark registration in South Korea successfully. 

Registration Procedure & Requirements

You will need to submit a single application for each trademark you wish to register. The trademark registration application form is available here, but all submissions must be made in Korean and not in English, and Bonamark would be happy to lend you a hand. 

  • Application fees for trademark registration in South Korea are 62,000 won (roughly $55 USD) for electronic registration and 72,000 won ($64 USD) for paper registration. 
  • If your application is accepted, you can expect to pay a one-time fee of 211,000 won ($188 USD) to complete the registration. 
  • Annual renewal fees will also apply, and you can register your name for between one and 20 years. 

There may also be related fees for more thorough examinations, such as looking at the design of a logo. 

Duration: How Long Will it Take?

Trademark registration procedure usually takes about one year. Additional time may be needed for additional examinations.