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Trademark Registration in Turkey

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This fee is obligatory in order to complete the registration process. All legal and official payments are included.

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Turkey Trademark Services

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Trademark Types in Turkey

Our professional trademark attorney in Turkey will prepare and file your trademark for registration to National Patent Office. Turkey recently has harmonized its Trademark Law with the EU trademark law.

Types of Trademarks and Scope:

  • Trademarks in Turkey can include words, phrases, symbols, shapes, and colors.
  • The IPC also allows for the registration of non-traditional marks like sound, motion, and three-dimensional shapes.
  • Protection is granted for specific classes of goods and services as per the international classification system.

Trademark Statistics and Trends:

  • The number of trademark applications in Turkey has been increasing, reflecting the country's growing economy and its appeal as a business hub.
  • Both domestic and international entities actively seek trademark protection in Turkey, with a significant number of applications originating from the EU and the USA.
  • The TPTO's efforts to streamline the application process and Turkey's adherence to international conventions like the Paris Convention and the Madrid Protocol have contributed to a more efficient and robust trademark system.

Enforcement and Legal Remedies:

  • Trademark infringement in Turkey can lead to civil, criminal, and administrative actions.
  • The owners of registered trademarks can seek injunctions, compensatory damages, and the seizure or destruction of infringing goods.
  • The customs authorities in Turkey also play a role in enforcing trademarks, particularly in preventing the import or export of counterfeit goods.

Trademark Classes (Classification) - Turkey Classification

✅ Learn more about Classes

A trademark must be associated with products and/or services, which are divided into 45 classes. The names of these products and services are determined by the Trademark Office of Turkey or by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). While the Nice classification provides the main list of acceptable terms, each country may have its own variations.

If you already have a trademark, you can send us the details, and we may be able to use the same list of goods. Regardless, we will check if the products are acceptable and assist you in creating a description according to local standards.


Application Process

✅ Learn more about the Process

To start the trademark registration process in Turkey, we will need a simply signed Power of Attorney, which we can prepare for you.

Your Registration Plan

Step 1: Begin with a Free TM Search. We will check if there are any obvious conflicts, so you will know if it's worth moving forward with your mark.

Step 2: Learning more about your brand. To file a trademark, we will require the owner's name and address, the trademark, and whether it has a logo, as well as the services/products it covers. Are you ready to move to the next step?

Step 3: Attorney's opinion (a.k.a. Study) In some cases, we may recommend our attorney to review the case and prepare a detailed registration report. Our Study helps to determine the probability of your brand's successful registration. Our attorneys will ensure your mark complies with the rules regarding what marks can and can't be registered.

Step 4: Request registration and submit your payment. Our fees are transparent, and we will request your mark within 3-5 days. Once we receive your payment, you will get a filing confirmation.

Turkey TM Registration Procedure

✅ Learn more about the Requirements

Registration Process:

  • Application: To register a trademark in Turkey, an application must be filed with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TPTO). Applications can be filed by Turkish residents or foreigners, the latter often requiring a local trademark attorney.
  • Examination: The TPTO conducts an examination to ensure the trademark meets legal requirements, including distinctiveness and non-infringement on prior trademarks.
  • Publication and Opposition: Upon passing the examination, the trademark is published in the Official Trademark Bulletin. There's a 2-month period during which third parties can oppose the registration.
  • Registration: If there are no oppositions or objections are resolved, the trademark is registered. The registration is valid for 10 years from the application date and can be renewed indefinitely for subsequent 10-year periods.

Provided that there are no problems during the examination and publication stages, the entire process in Turkey takes 12 months. If you wish to have peace of mind that your brand will be registered within this timeframe and avoid paying extra for problem-solving, you may order our trademark study.

Trademarks Duration in Turkey and Renewal

✅ Learn more about Duration and Renewal

A mark is protected for 10 years from the date of application and can be renewed for periods of 10 years. Once registered, a digital certificate is issued, as shown below.

Turkey TM Certificate

You must use your mark in Turkey as registered. Failure to use your mark for 3-5 consecutive years may result in it becoming vulnerable to cancellations, and others may cancel it if they decide to start the legal procedure.

Trademark Renewal in Turkey

Renewing a trademark is a quick process in Turkey. We will require a power of attorney and your payment. To renew a mark, the trademark number will be required. Once we have the required document and information, our attorney will enlist as a representative for this trademark registration and submit a renewal at the Trademark Office.

The trademark will be registered for another 10 years. If you miss the deadline, you may submit a renewal within 6 months after the deadline. This period, known as a grace period, allows trademark owners to save their expired marks by paying an extra fee.


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