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BonamarkInternational Trademark RegistrationFree Trademark Search provides you with the tools necessary to register a trademark internationally. Trademark registration on an international scale is crucial in protecting your intellectual property from predatory bad actors residing in foreign markets.

With, registration is fast and simple.

The service's database allows you to search specific copyrights and brand names from among the millions registered.

The application process couldn't be more straightforward with's cutting-edge algorithms and infrastructure.

Protecting your trademark (brand, logo or wordmark) is the most important investment you can make. Your registered trademark is an asset. You can sell it, you can franchise it and you can use it exclusively. Unregistered trademarks have no protection, can be easily lost and can't be sold.

Procedure, Requirements & Price

In order to register your trademark with us, you should place a preliminary order in the link below. Or you may contact us and a trademark expert will guide you through the process.

Since we make filing a trademark easy for you, it will only require five minutes of your time: Register Your Trademark

We made the process as easy as one, two, three:

  • Fill out an easy, short form. Ask us if you require help. 
  • Select the countries of interest from the list. 
  • Bonamark will do the rest
Our local Trademark Attorneys will apply for your trademark in the countries of your interest.


Our prices are in this link and you may contact us in order to request a quotation. The prices are in USD. Trademarks are not easy; there can be many options and we recommend that you contact us.

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